Greta Boldini, timeless haute couture: when the modern cannot be separated from the tradition


Greta Boldini, a young haute couture brand, was born in Rome in November of 2011 by the union of the experiences of two young designers: Alexander Flagella and Michela Musco. A project that takes place from the desire to offer a timeless look, a strong and determined woman, modern but with a retro allure, proud and regal but also fragile and nostalgic. Greta Boldini is all, on the one hand international movie icon Greta Garbo, expression of an elegant formal rigor, the other Giovanni Boldini, the great painter, interpreter of the Belle Epoque in Paris. Two worlds that intersect for exchanging creativity and content. Alexander Flagella and Michela Musco know in 2007 at the Fashion Institute Polimoda in Florence where they begin their academic career. Graduates decide to take two different directions: Alexander specializes in accessory design and  leather processing, through work experience in Italy and abroad, while Michela focuses on clothing and follows a master's degree in high fashion tailoring and embroidery.Two different backgrounds who decide to merge to form Greta Boldini, two artistic minds united by the same passion for beauty, cultural-aesthetic tradition of italian history and attention for details. The modern that cannot be separated from the tradition. A timeless look totally Made in Italy. A careful handwork, inspired tailoring years ' 50, played every day in the roman atelier. Greta Boldini is a dreamlike journey, is art and dream, is a set of nuances that arise from what the two designers love and feel inwardly. Skilful drapery, pure lines, cohesion of artisan glamour and veracity for leather goods all amalgamated the preciousness of materials are the mission of this young and talented maison.

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